Two memberships : one future

The defence of maintaining reptiles as companion animals was always going to require vast amounts of collaboration. Given the sheer weight of pressure applied to government from extremist animal rights lobbying, a multi-pronged counterpoint to this prejudice and hereditary phobia has proven to be essential.

Membership support of both The Reptile and Exotic Pet Trade Association and Responsible Reptile Keeping affords people the ability to continue to fight for the needs of the reptile hobby and wider industry. It isn’t a case of which, more a case of both. The function of each requires the influence of the other.

REPTA is the trade association and political wing of the Reptile and Exotic companion animal sectors. They are developers of policy and strategy for the continued future of commercial reptile breeding, sale and related business networks. Government would directly consult with REPTA to ensure stakeholder involvement in policy development.

RRK is a promotional organisation which seeks to dispel myths, promote the virtues of and create groundswell of support for our shared passion of keeping reptiles. RRK is a board member of REPTA and has a direct influence over policy and strategy development whilst offering expertise on the dissemination of such decisions to the wider reptile keeping public.

Policy development, strategic planning, attendance at important governmental and working group meetings pertinent to the future of reptile husbandry requires considerable amounts of time and expertise. As we all know time and expertise costs money. Without membership support from commercial breeders, business, manufacturers and wholesalers the REPTA project will fail.

The development of high quality informatics such as magazines, reels, social media presence and documentaries requires vast amounts of time and expertise working with devoted videographers and graphic designers. RRK has developed a platform that is respected and a go to source for important counterpoint information to fight the well funded anti reptile lobby. Whilst RRK is UK based it has a worldwide message and mandate to protect reptile keeping across the globe. Only membership support from private keepers as well as commercial businesses, manufacturers and wholesalers makes this possible.  

REPTA and RRK work hand in glove to deliver professional, protected and stable futures for all stakeholders with an interest in reptile companion ownership.

Jim Collins                                                          Tony Wigley

(REPTA – Chairman)                                       (RRK – Co-founder)

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