An overview of REPTA’s current focus on the Post Implementation Review (PIR) of the License for Activities Involving Animals (LAIA) regulations.

As you are aware, REPTA plays a pivotal role in advocating for the interests of the reptile and exotic pet trade. A substantial part of our current endeavours centres on actively participating in the PIR of the LAIA regulations, a crucial process that evaluates the implementation and effectiveness of these regulations since their inception.

The Regulatory Landscape

The LAIA regulations have been instrumental in shaping how activities involving animals are conducted within our industry. These regulations are designed to ensure responsible practices, uphold animal welfare standards, and maintain the integrity of our trade. As the regulatory landscape evolves, it is imperative that we, as key stakeholders, actively contribute to the ongoing review processes.

Collaboration with CASC

Our involvement in the PIR is facilitated through the Companion Animal Sector Council (CASC), where REPTA proudly holds a key stakeholder position. CASC serves as a platform for collaboration, bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise within the companion animal sector. This collaborative approach is fundamental in addressing the multifaceted challenges and opportunities our industry faces.

Working Towards Balance

At the core of our engagement in the PIR is the dual commitment to safeguarding companion animal welfare and ensuring the viability of our businesses. REPTA understands the importance of finding a delicate balance that allows for the flourishing of our industry while upholding the highest standards of animal care.

Diligent Review Process

The PIR is a meticulous process that involves evaluating the impact of LAIA regulations on our day-to-day operations. It assesses the practical implications of the regulations, identifies areas of success, and, equally importantly, pinpoints any aspects that may require refinement. Our team is diligently working to ensure that the recommendations for review do not unduly inhibit business interests while simultaneously bolstering companion animal welfare.

Membership Involvement

As members of REPTA, your input is invaluable in shaping our collective stance on these matters. We encourage you to share your insights, concerns, and recommendations with us. Your firsthand experiences in the industry contribute significantly to the richness of our advocacy efforts.

Next Steps

Moving forward, REPTA will continue to actively engage in the PIR process, representing the interests of our members and advocating for a regulatory framework that strikes the right balance. We are committed to keeping you informed about the developments and outcomes of this review process as they unfold.


In conclusion, our involvement in the PIR of LAIA regulations through CASC is a testament to REPTA’s dedication to steering our industry toward responsible and sustainable practices. We are confident that, through collaborative efforts and thoughtful consideration, we can contribute to the evolution of regulations that serve both the interests of our businesses and the well-being of the animals we care for.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to navigating these challenges together to secure a thriving future for the reptile and exotic pet trade.

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