Standard Operating Procedures

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are a legal requirement for businesses that trade in reptiles. Here you can download templates of many common SOPs that are required. Download and make any changes that are necessary for your business.

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P0001 – Procedures for Dealing with Venomous Animals
P0003 – Procedure for Cleaning Enclosures
P0006 – Procedure for feeding and watering
P0008 – Procedures for the Transport of Live Animals
P0010 – Monitoring Health and Welfare
P0011 – Procedure for Escapes and Mortality
P0017 – Medical Records and Medicines
P0018 – Emergency Planning and Example Plan
P0019 – Dechlorinating Water for Amphibians
P0020 – Procedure for Treating Water to Prevent Chytridiomycosis
P0021 – Procedure for Checking Temperatures
P0022 – Procedure for Checking and Replacing UV Lamps
Procedure for Disposal of Dead Pet Animals
Target Appropriate Temperatures and UV Index
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