Code of conduct

Becoming a member of REPTA doesn’t just mean that you’re helping protect our industry, it also means you’re an advocate for better welfare and ethics within the trade. To become a member, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Ensure your business meets or exceeds minimum standards as outlined within the License for Actvities Involving Animals (LAIA) regulations.
  • Adhere to REPTA’s policy regarding the non-sale of certain morph species with deletrious genes, such as Spider Royal Pythons or Silkback Bearded Dragons. Our full policy and list of species can be viewed on our Deleterious Gene Policy page.
  • Adhere to current and future policies as regards to how you advise and sell certain species of animal, such as larger snakes or venomous animals.
  • Provide feedback for REPTA survey’s on reptile and exotic pet selling establishments as required from time to time.

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