Large Constrictor Pre-OwnerShip Assessment

The large constrictor pre-ownership assessment and accompanying guidance has now been completed and has been emailed to all REPTA members. This may appear in your junk folder and should be opened and studied. If members have any questions regarding the assessment and its completion please do not hesitate to contact the REPTA Trade Delegate, Charles Thompson at

You can find the online version of the large Constrictor pre-ownership assessment here.

REPTA is now developing the large lizard pre-ownership assessment and accompanying guidance. This will be published in due course. REPTA has managed to publish the large constrictor guidance ahead of schedule and we hope this will be the same with the large lizard document (originally scheduled for June).

The final element of the large species policy is the large chelonian (Turtles & Tortoises) pre-ownership assessment. This element is scheduled for September but we remain confident that this, again, should also be published ahead of schedule. The large species policy and deleterious genes policy are evidence of REPTA’s commitment to meet government expectations for pet sectors to develop self-regulatory stategies for companion animal ownership.

The Large constrictor pre-ownership assessment will be posted into the resources section of the website this week where it can be downloaded by members when needed to aid in the sales of species within scope.

Charles Thompson, Trade Delegate

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