repta large species policy roll out

The REPTA large species guidance policy will be rolled out in three sections each considering a separate group of companion animal reptiles. The nuanced requirements of each group of reptiles will be specifically considered in the accompanying supporting information sections.

REPTA is committed to responsible reptile ownership and will identify key themes that should be addressed by potential large reptile companion animal owners. This policy has been developed with a specialist companion animal selling business as a key contributor to this process. Such businesses will play a pivotal role in the flow of salient information needed by a potential owner when considering the long term captive management of identified large reptile species.

Key themes will centre upon financial, spatial and energy consumption matters. The majority of large reptile species will be sold when neonate or juvenile in size where these themes are not yet complex or potentially burdensome. Responsible reptile ownership should always include the long term health and management of companion reptiles.

The three sections

  1. REPTA large constrictor pre-ownership assessment and guidance.
  2. REPTA large lizard pre-ownership assessment and guidance.
  3. REPTA large chelonian pre-ownership assessment and guidance.

As specific supporting guidance is developed along with a pre-ownership assessment form used as a key resource for businesses, REPTA will roll out each of the sections. The sections will function as individual standalone guidance resources and will, when completed, represent a comprehensive overview, discussing all themes of large reptile ownership.

Large reptile species have been successfully kept, bred and maintained for decades in the United Kingdom. The aim of REPTA’s large reptile species guidance policy is to increase safeguarding of long term management of such species. Large reptile companion animals can be hugely rewarding species to work with provided financial, spatial and energy consumption resources are fully taken into account.

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